Mini-credits – Instant money at any ATM

What is whole cash? Whole cash is a Global Electronic Platform that allows users, both banked and unbanked, to send and receive money, nationally and internationally quickly, easily and instantly. It is a banking service that allows us to receive the requested loan amount on our mobile phone and withdraw it at an ATM associated with

Car loan without Credit Bureau – is that possible?

A new car usually costs a lot of money and most people can’t pay the purchase price all at once. Those who are not earning particularly well are usually dependent on financing. A suitable car loan is offered by almost all banks, but problems can arise before approval. Local banks in particular check each new

Consumer credit: Fast online consumer loan request

Mainly governed by the Consumer Code, consumer credit is granted by various credit organizations intended for individuals. Its objective is to cover different types of private expenses. We can cite for example, the acquisition of a car or other personal projects with the exception of construction or the purchase of real estate. According to the