New Credit – $ 600 mini loan in up to 21 days without Financial Credit Institution

New Credit: Analysis and Opinion

New Credit: Analysis and Opinion

Lite Lender, offers without limitations to anyone who meets the required requirements to request up to 600 USD even if it is their first request, with a refund of up to 21 days, this places it halfway between the most restrictive and the most flexible options.

When an unforeseen event arises and we need to resolve it as quickly as possible, we cannot choose how much it will cost, however, most mini-loan companies offer customers who come for the first time a maximum of 300 USD.

Conditions for obtaining a new credit

Conditions for obtaining a new credit

Residing in Spain and being between 21 and 70 years old are the first conditions that we have to fulfill to have access to this type of product. Apart from this, we must complete the request through the Lite Lender website, and have no debts or be registered in a delinquency register.

With the analysis of the information provided (DNI, account number, and income) and, if applicable, the necessary telephone checks, Lite Lender grants or rejects the request, and communicates it to us by means of an email. In the case of a positive assessment, we will close the agreement and accept the terms of the agreement as accepted simply by clicking on the link included in the email.

The alternative formula of closing the credit concession by telephone is also offered. If this is our preference, we must contact Lite Lender hereby and record the acceptance of the credit and the general terms by which we abide.

From that moment the process for the transfer of money will begin, so that, in the following 21 days, or at least until that agreement has been closed, we will not be able to request a new loan from CréditoNuevo, since they are not granted while there is one in force.

Receive and return the money

Receive and return the money

The reception of the borrowed money will be carried out by means of a transfer to the bank account provided by us throughout the same day, as long as the transaction can be carried out during office hours, so any contingency, however urgent, may be solved quickly.

Once the unforeseen for which the money was needed has been resolved, you can choose to wait the required 21 days to return the loan or do it in a shorter term, which in the case of New Credit, will not affect the amount to be returned, since This will depend on the amount requested and not on when it is repaid.

It must be taken into account that Lite Lender does not offer the possibility of establishing extensions over the maximum period of 21 days for which the loan is granted. That is why it is especially important to face the payment on time, since delays carry a significant number of expenses and inconveniences that it is better to avoid.

Thus, the simple act of delaying one day is already penalized with 25 USD, and if the credit together with said penalty is not paid in the first 5 days after that date, a surcharge, this time, of 15% of the total borrowed.
Lite Lender, in addition, can charge us all the expenses that the company incurs to achieve the extrajudicial collection of the loan.

If the default lasts more than 36 days, Lite Lender will provide us with the data to the delinquency registry, with all the inconveniences that this entails, especially, in the face of the granting of future credits.

For all these reasons, it is imperative to ensure that within the established period we will have the necessary money to return the loan and the corresponding fees, since otherwise, it may be that, despite having solved a specific problem, we will end up have another perhaps of greater draft.

An important detail that should not be overlooked is the need to identify the concept of the loan and its recipient when making the transfer to Lite Lender, since, otherwise, the credit will not be terminated, and we may incur in the aforementioned penalties. For this, when making the deposit or transfer, the invoice and customer number must be included, so that it is absolutely clear that said income corresponds to the corresponding operation.



Lite Lender is, therefore, an interesting possibility to consider if we have a fixed income that arrives on time and an unforeseen event arises that requires an amount greater than 300 USD, since this is its main advantage over other companies, although Of course, you can also request mini-credits online for lower amounts (50, 100 or 200).

If we find ourselves in this situation, we will find in Lite Lender a way out for our problem that other companies cannot offer, due to the limitation that new clients have to access just 300 USD on their first loan. To request your credit at Lite Lender, all we have to do is go to their website and follow the steps already indicated.

At we offer the best content online about fast loans and mini-loans. On our website you will find a summary of all the online mini-credits and loans that we find on the internet. We try to put at your disposal the best and most complete information so that you can decide judiciously which is the best option for your financial situation.

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