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What is whole cash?

What is whole cash?

Whole cash is a Global Electronic Platform that allows users, both banked and unbanked, to send and receive money, nationally and internationally quickly, easily and instantly. It is a banking service that allows us to receive the requested loan amount on our mobile phone and withdraw it at an ATM associated with this platform without having to be a bank customer .

whole cash is a Spanish company, established in 2004 by a group of Spanish banks with the intention of developing a technological project of cooperation between financial entities. The objective was and is to build an innovative and efficient payment system both nationally and internationally.

How to use the whole cash service?

We must apply for the loan in a company associated with this collection and payment service. Once the money is requested, we will receive an instant notice and we can immediately withdraw the loan from the ATM without being a bank customer or using credit cards .

The form and conditions of use will depend on the bank, but the steps to follow are usually similar in each entity:

  1. The financial company, once the loan has been requested and admitted, discharges the transfer order. For this you will need a phone number, the amount requested and a secret password as a user.
  2. After the first step, whole cash sends a reference number to the receiver.
  3. Once we have the reference number, we must go to an ATM that has whole cash and enter our keys . Provided the secret numbers we can have our money easily and quickly.

whole cash Features

The whole cash system is a technological platform that creates and supports an electronic payment system through which it allows the national and international sending of money using the network of banks and affiliated entities .

  • Orders can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and anywhere in Spain.
  • To withdraw the money, it is not necessary to be a customer of the bank where we are going to withdraw the money or to have a credit card . You only need to have a mobile phone available.
  • The maximum amount of the credit is 600 USD.
  • The order is no longer effective after 10 days.

Advantages of whole cash

Advantages of whole cash

We do not need to have an account or bank card to withdraw the money, the credit is obtained quickly and instantly and you only need to present the phone number to carry out the process. In addition, it is the only double key system, no mobile data is required to use it and there is no cost to withdraw the money.

The future with whole cash

The future with whole cash

A few years ago, it was difficult to find services that allowed us to manage our money without using credit or debit cards or passbooks. But technology, little by little, is creating alternatives that are changing these traditional supports and it is now possible to carry out banking operations from home or mobile.

whole cash is one of the services that is taking more strength in recent years since it allows you to send and receive money over the phone. More and more banks are using this new platform such as Best Bank, Infra Bank, Lender bank, Cream bank. In all these entities you can send money from a bank or calling customer service to a mobile phone and then withdraw it at an ATM without using a card or card.

Since its creation in 2004, whole cash has become an increasingly common payment system for this reason, currently, there are 16 financial entities between Spain and Poland that have this platform. In addition, the United States and Mexico will soon join, contributing more banks and companies.

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